We reduce risks and improve our clients" performance, in terms of quality, health, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

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We have:

900+ Accreditations và Delegations International as well as the Vietnamese state, local associations.

We provide a broad portfolio of services throughout Vietnam through our highly skilled, dedicated employees who deliver completely impartial advice và solutions. We assist our clients throughout the lifetime of their assets, products, & infrastructure & in the continuous improvement of their processes.

By outsourcing risk lớn a single specialist partner with the resources and reputation lớn accommodate và meet every operational challenge, our clients are assuring quality, reducing costs, increasing productivity and fostering a more responsible, sustainable culture.



TESTINGDetermining a hàng hóa or material’s characteristics in a laboratory or on site.

Testing provides businesses with the confidence that products are safe, of the right quality, và conform to specifications & applicable regulations. We perform testing and analysis services in three sectors: commodities, consumer products & industrial equipment. Carried out by some 400 laboratories, our comprehensive range of services meet our client’s specifications or local regulations such as construction material testing, non-destructive & destructive testing & environmental analysis.


INSPECTIONVerifying on site that a product, asset or system meets specified criteria.

Inspection covers a wide range of services designed khổng lồ improve performance, reduce risk, control quality, verify quantity, and meet regulatory requirements. This includes visual inspection, verification of documents, manufacturing supervision & electronic and mechanical testing.

CERTIFICATIONProviding assurance through customised, independent certification.

Certification represents a third-party stamp of approval that a product, service or system conforms lớn specified standards. It can enable companies to lớn enhance their reputation and open up new markets, or simply ensure that they are able khổng lồ operate. Our certification services cover people, products and systems.

We will enable you lớn perform activities và grow your businesses in full compliance with local & international regulatory requirements.

Controlling risks in quality, health, safety, environment và social responsibility leads lớn greater efficiency và performance. Throughout its long history, Bureau Veritas has played an integral role in the evolution of risk & safety services. We have tailored our operating procedures và developed the professional credentials of our team specifically to lớn secure the highest levels of process safety expertise in the industry. Our experienced teams help our clients khổng lồ identify và control risks, from the design stage to lớn project completion.

We will help you eliminate any risks that may occur during the operation of your facility khổng lồ ensure maximum efficiency.

Retail & manufacturing supply chains are increasingly global, mobile và complex. Assessing suppliers, managing production và controlling products are essential. As a valuable supply chain partner, we will work closely with you, from hàng hóa design & prototype assessment onwards. We help you select & manage suppliers, carry out inspections and tests both during production and before export.

We will use our local và international knowledge of suppliers lớn optimise supply chain performance to consistently manufacture reliable, high chất lượng products.

Markets are demanding more and more guarantees in terms of safety, quality and social responsibility. In addition, many companies seek lớn differentiate their products & services in terms of quality, functionality và performance. We provide independent third các buổi tiệc nhỏ services to test, inspect and certify products.

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ESSENTIAL 2019Bureau Veritas ’mission is to lớn reduce risk, improve our clients’ performance & help them innovate lớn meet society’s demands with confidence.