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meal /"mi:l/ danh từ bột ((thường) xay không mịn) lượng sữa nắm (vắt một lần ở bò sữa) bữa ănat meals: vào bữa ănto take a meal; khổng lồ eat one"s meal: nạp năng lượng cơmto make a meal of: ăn hết một lúc nội đụng từ ăn, ăn uống cơm
bộtpeat meal: bột than bùnraw meal: bột nguyên liệuraw meal pelletizing: sự tạo ra bột khôrock meal: bột đáslate meal: bột đá bảngwood meal: bột gỗvật liệu hạtLĩnh vực: cơ khí và công trìnhbột (mịn)Lĩnh vực: y họcbột thô (chưa xay mịn)bữa ănretention meal: bữa tiệc lưutest meal: bữa ăn thử nghiệmbore mealbùn khoancook-room for meal preparation from semiproductsxưởng chế biến thức nạp năng lượng từ bán thành phẩmmountain mealđất tảo silicrock mealvụn đábộtalmond meal: bột hạnh nhânbanana meal: bột chuốibarley meal: bột đại mạchblood meal: bột huyếtbran meal: bột cámcacao cake meal: bột khô dầu cacaocassava meal: bột sắncitrus meal: bột camcitrus meal: bột chanhclover meal: bột cỏ ba lácoarse meal: bột thôcorn meal: bột ngôcotton-seed meal: bột ngô phân tử bôngfine meal: bột mịnfish meal: bột cáfish meal factory: nhà máy sản xuất bột cáfish-liver meal: bột gan cágerm meal: bột mầmgranulated meal: bột thôhigh-protein meal: bột giàu proteinhominy meal: bột ngôindian meal: bột ngôleaf meal: bột raumaize meal: bột ngômalt meal: bột mạch nhameal bin: thùng chứa bộtmeal drier: máy sấy bộtmeal mixing machine: thiết bị trộn bột thức nạp năng lượng gia súcmeat meal: bột thịtoil cake meal: bột thô dầnorange meal: bột campea meal: bột đậupeanut meal: bột thô lạcpearling cone meal: bột đại mạchraw bone (feeding) meal: bột xương thôrice meal: bột gạorye meal: bột mạchsea weed meal: bột tảosea weed meal: bột rong biểnsoy meal: bột đậu nànhsunflower meal: bột hướng dươngtomato meal: bột cà chuawhale meat meal: bột cá voiwhole meal: bột nguyên hạtbột thức nạp năng lượng gia súcmeal mixing machine: thứ trộn bột thức nạp năng lượng gia súcbữa ănmeal cap: mốc hạn về tối đa cho bữa ănmón ăncontract khổng lồ supply meal at a fixed pricethầu hỗ trợ cơm giá vắt địnhgranulated mealthức ăn gia súc dạng viên o bột § bore meal : bùn khoan § fossil meal : kiezengua § mountain meal : đất tảo silic § rock meal : vụn đá, bột đá




Từ điển Collocation

meal noun

ADJ. big, filling, heavy I always want khổng lồ go khổng lồ sleep after a heavy meal. | slap-up | lavish, sumptuous | square, substantial She hadn"t had a square meal for days. | light, simple The bar serves light meals. | meagre a meagre meal of bread and cheese | four-course, three-course, etc. | appetizing, decent, delicious, excellent, lovely, tasty Thanks for a delicious meal. | balanced, healthy, nourishing, wholesome | main When bởi you have your main meal of the day? | evening, midday | hot Hot meals are not available after 10 o"clock. | vegetarian More information about MEAL
MEAL: eat, have, take
(formal)~ Have you had breakfast?

grab, snatch ~ I"m so busy I have lớn snatch meals when I can.

ask sb to ~ have/invite/take sb for/to ~ come/go for/to ~ He wouldn"t have asked her lớn supper if he didn"t like her, she reasoned.

These verbs are often used with around, out, over and round: We must have you over for dinner sometime. Let"s go out for a meal.

be out to lớn lunch He"s out to lớn lunch with a client.

stop for ~ We stopped for tea at the Ritz.

join sb for, stay for/to ~ You"re sure you wont stay for tea?

sit down to, start ~ finish ~ We had just sat down to lớn breakfast when the phone rang.

skip ~ I sometimes skip lunch if we"re very busy.

cook (sb), fix (sb), get ready, make (sb), prepare ~ She hurried downstairs khổng lồ fix herself some breakfast.

have ~ ready We"ll have supper ready for you.

serve ~ Lunch is served from noon till 3.

keep warm, warm up ~ I"ll be home late, so keep my dinner warm.

provide, provide sb (with) ~ Dinner is provided in the superb khách sạn restaurant.

~ be available A four course dinner is available by prior arrangement.

~ be ready ‘Breakfast"s ready!’ shouted Christine.

~ time The family was always noisy at meal times.

at/during/over ~ Nobody spoke during supper.

for ~ What did you have for lunch?

~ of a breakfast of pancakes & maple syrup

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any of the occasions for eating food that occur by custom or habit at more or less fixed timescoarsely ground foodstuff; especially seeds of various cereal grasses or pulse