keep (one) posted|keep one posted|keep posted

v. Phr. To lớn receive current information; inform oneself. My associates phoned me every day và kept me posted on new developments in our business.

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Keep posted

If you keep posted about something, you keep up-to-date with information và developments.

keep sb posted

Idiom(s): keep sb postedTheme: COMMUNICATIONto keep someone informed (of what is happening); lớn keep someone up khổng lồ date.• If the price of corn goes up, I need to lớn know. Please keep me posted.• Keep her posted about the patient"s status.

keep you posted

send or phone the news khổng lồ you, inform you I"ll be in Korea for six months, but I"ll keep you posted.

keep (one) posted

To continue lớn inform someone about something so that they have current information. Congratulations on getting that interview! Keep me posted on how it goes! Right now, her condition is stable. We promise khổng lồ keep you posted as she improves.Learn more: keep, post

keep somebody ˈposted (on/of/about something)

(informal) keep somebody informed: There’s no news at the moment, but I’ll keep you posted. ♢ He said he’d keep me posted of his movements.Learn more: keep, post, somebodyLearn more:
Arraykeep up with keep up with the Joneses keep up with the news keep up with the times keep you going keep you honest keep you in mind keep you on track keep you posted keep your cool keep your distance keep your ear khổng lồ the ground keep your eyes peeled keep your head keep your head above water keep your nose clean keep your nose lớn the grindstone keep out of the/(one's) way Keep out of this! keep out of trouble keep own counsel keep pace keep people straight keep place keep posted keep powder dry keep quiet keep quiet (about something) keep quiet about something keep schtum keep schtum/shtum keep shirt on keep sight of keep sight of (someone or something) keep sight of somebody/something keep smiling keep somebody amused keep somebody at arm's length keep somebody company keep somebody going keep somebody guessing keep somebody on their toes keep somebody posted keep somebody sweet keep somebody waiting keep somebody's seat, etc.

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Warm keep someone at arm's length keep someone dangling keep someone in the dark keep someone on the hop keep someone or something at arm's length keep someone posted keep someone sweet keep something dark keep something from (someone) keep something in proportion keep something khổng lồ yourself keep something under wraps keep something under your hat keep something warm for someone keep something, stay, etc. Under wraps keep something/someone at cất cánh keep step keep still keep still (about something) keep stum keep tab keep tabs on
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