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Had the commissioners exercised their powers it is likely that the subsidy yield could have been sustained.
In fact, even as the commissioners were advising caution, the state"s lawmakers appeared lớn be more concerned about the public"s ongoing demands for additional banks.
At around eleven o"clock the delegations of voting ejido commissioners were allowed into the large auditorium where they were able to register lớn vote.
Membership was confined to the regional commissioner, rural development officer, zonal rural development officer, regional technical officers and the administrative secretary.
After some initial success the drainage commissioners found themselves immersed in legal wranglings with landowners & maintenance of the drainage system largely fell into abeyance.
It is intended to lớn help health visitors, their managers & service commissioners khổng lồ explain and understand the different requirements và expectations in each approach.
The inability of commissioners to raise money to lớn sewer impoverished areas was not just a hypothetical issue.
These men - assistant commissioners, undersecretaries, inspectors - were the by-product of the fledgling but growing state bureaucracy.
and wherever railroad commissioners had been appointed, they concluded that setting rates was too complex a task for government.
Some commissioners were armed with a menu of six questions, the third of which asked if the communion table was placed altarwise.
Fourth, the commissioner represents the primary location of power và influence within the police institution.
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a room or building that is used for showing works of art, sometimes so that they can be sold

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